Ginzan-kaido Roadway in Misato Town


In the sixteenth century, "Iwami Ginzan" is one of the few silver mines in Japan listed on a map of medieval Europe.

This silver, which moved the world, was distributed from Omori, Oda City, through Misato Town, to Miyoshi, Onomichi, Osaka Prefecture, and the world.

The silver transportation route from Omori to Onomichi is called the "Ginzan Kaido" (Ginzan Roadway), but there are still ancient traditions and historic sites related to the silver mine along this route that runs about 28 km through Misato Town.





The 7 km section called Yanashio-michi is the mountain road that retains the image of the time.

This road has a long history, and its description can be found in the document created in 1354.

It seems to have been used as the main way of north and south of Chugoku region since the old age more than 600 years ago.






If you go through the mountain path, you will enter the post town.

Along the road, you can see the remains of the residence of the Hatano family, who served as the headquarters of the great temples, the Honbayashi family, which has been handed down as a Japanese-style inn, as well as the wonderful "kote-e plaster relief art" painted with plaster by Sekishu Plasterer.

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