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The appearance of Orochi wigs changes from red to yellow to green (from late March).

Sakedani Orochi Katsura tree

[Shimane Prefectural Designated Natural Monument]
It is estimated to be 500 years old tree which consists of 8 large and small branches. It is named "Orochi Katsura" because its figure reminds you of Yamatanoorochi and is carefully protected by local people. In late March, the sprouts become red (only about 3 days can be seen) and then golden and green.
It is also said to be the god of Tatara and the flying tree of Kanayago-Kami, and the appearance that changes depending on the season is mysterious.

Red: Late March to early April Yellow: Around early April Green: from mid-April
オロチカツラ赤 オロチカツラ黄 オロチカツラ緑
 オロチカツラ赤アップ  オロチカツラ黄金アップ  オロチカツラ緑アップ

223 Sakedani, Misato-cho, across from Sakedani Shukaijo


Misato is a town of cherry blossoms! Weeping cherry trees, cherry tunnel, etc. (late March to early April)

There are many places to see such as Sakurakaido and illumination!
(See the event section on the Top page.)

Click here for the Misato Spring Tour map (Japanese).
    → https://www.misato-kankou.com/map/

A row of cherry trees in front of the former Sanko Line Ushio Station


[Cherry blossom tunnel in full bloom in spring]
The cherry blossom in front of Ushio Station on the JR Sanko Line, which was closed on March 31, 2018. THE CHERRY BLOSSOM THAT LOOKS LIKE A TUNNEL IS AMAZING! Some people park their cars at the sight of beautiful cherry trees.
There are lanterns and lighting-up at night.

Misato Town Ushio Region Former JR Sanko Line to in front of Ushio Power Plant
* Please use the parking lot of the Ushio Kominkan (Ushio Community Center).

Sakurakaido, Misato, Sawadani

沢谷夜桜[Many night cherry trees in the dark illuminate the village.]
Drive along the Prefectural Highway 166 Line from the former Sanko Line Sawadani Station area to Chihara Hachimangu Shrine and Ochi Furusato Denshokan Museum at night. The bright cherry blossoms that float up here and there will surely get you excited. Of course, the cherry blossoms in the daytime also decorate the roadside.

Misato-cho Sawadani Chihara to Kokonokaichi

Furusato Ochi Denshokan and Maekawa Cherry Blossom


[Received the Encouragement Prize in the Urban / Greenery Category of the eighteenth Annual Imitation Landscape Award]
A large 120-year-old weeping cherry tree on the road brings a shower of cherry blossoms. Take a break at the veranda of the former Maekawa Residence (now Denshokan Hall), which retains the look of the late Edo era.
"Pulsatilla cernua" also grows naturally around the building, so watch your step!

<Sakurakaido, Misato, Sawadani> Kokonokaichi, Sawadani, Misato Town

Edohigan Sakura (Cerasus itosakura cherry blossom) of the Valley of Flowers

[Shimane Prefectural Designated Natural Monument]
One cherry tree on the top of the mountain, which is also called "the Edohigan cherry blossom of the sky" in the local area. The tree is said to be 500 years old, and the thickness of its trunk certainly overwhelms everyone. The trekking road is also maintained by local volunteers. During the cherry blossom season, it is lit up at night, and pink light shines on the mountain.

<Sakurakaido, Misato, Sawadani> Hananotani, Sawadani, Misato Town

The Cherry Blossom of Aoki

[The Cherry Blossom in midst of Kasubuchi]
There is a big cherry tree along the Kasubuchi Sanbe Line, the old road of Kasubuchi. Locally, it is called Aoki's Ipponzakura. It is 4 meters around the breast height, so it is very impressive! It is worth seeing!

Inaricho, Kasubuchi, Misato Town

Sairenji Temple Weeping Cherry Trees

[You will be captivated by the large weeping cherry trees]
There is a temple with a red roof and a magnificent weeping cherry tree across the Sawaya River. If you go in there is a temple. The view from the temple side is also beautiful and you can see the view of the village dyed in spring. The chief priest is good at photography and can show us many photos of the village!

Kumami, Sawadani, Misato Town

Cherry blossoms at Roadside Station Green Road Daiwa

[Vibrant cherry blossom colors along the river]
A row of cherry trees that blooms in the promenade along the Gonokawa River. Rivers, bridges and cherry blossoms create a beautiful spring landscape. At the peak of the season, the lanterns are hung, making you feel a little excited.

Tsuga and Nagato area of Misato Town

Iitani weeping cherry trees

[A Weeping cherry tree that blooms in village-vicinity mountain ]
There is a sign along the Japan National Route 375 line. Iitani's weeping cherry trees have been famous among locals for a long time, and although the road around the area has been renovated, the cherry blossoms are still there. It is a splendid cherry tree that informs the village of spring.

Tsuga and Nagato region of Misato Town


Cherry blossoms at Jodoji, Nishiharayama

[Colors the historic temple precincts.]

浄土寺-1There is a magnificent temple at the end of Kasubuchi's elegant Terakoji. It is Jodoji that is said to have first spread Jodo Shinshu in Iwami region. You can see the Gonokawa River from the garden and the scenery is nice. The cherry blossoms lit up at night and the shadow of the temple gate reminds us of the unspoiled landscape of Japan.

Kasubuchi region, Misato Town


Ochi Elementary School Cherry Blossom

[The cherry blossoms in Misato that many people see.]
People in Misato are the most likely to see this cherry blossom from Ochi Elementary School! It's a cherry blossom that blooms in the best location in Kasubuchi, the center of the town where there are government offices and convenience stores.

Ochi Elementary School in Kasubuchi, Misato Town

Cherry blossoms in Yugakai Hot Spring District

[Man'yo-romantic Yugakai]
It is located in the back of the hot spring district filled with the beautiful Man'yo-roman cherry blossoms in spring. It is at the foot of Mt. Kamo which is said to be the place of the end of Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, and you can enjoy a tour of tanka monuments. In the past, a hot spring inn used to be a cloudy hot spring that is good for the body and is used as a hot spring cure. If you make a reservation in advance, you can enjoy a day trip at the Nakamura Inn with lunch and bath. http://www.misato-kankou.com/eat/132

Yugakai, Kasubuchi, Misato-cho

Myoyo-ji Temple cherry blossoms

[Shimane Prefectural Natural Monument, the only Myoyoujizakura Cherry Blossom]
Myoyojizakura Cherry Blossom is a hybrid of Yamazakura and Edohiganzakura cherry blossom, and is registered as a natural monument of the prefecture. Estimated tree age of more than 500 years! It is lit up during the flower season. After the cherry blossoms, azaleas will all be in full bloom.

Hamahara, Misato-cho


(Model Course) Ginzankaido Oharajuku 1 Cherry Blossom watching and Gonokawa River

Enjoy a leisurely walk with the 1 cherry blossom trees that are known as "Aoki no Sakura" (cherry trees of Aoki) that bloom quietly and are popular among those who know, the 1 cherry trees that emphasize the historic headquarters, and the 1 cherry trees at Jodo-ji Temple where you can see the scenery of Gonokawa River.
Season: late March to mid April

Field of Rape Flowers blooming all over the back of Sawadani Station (around mid-April)

Sawadani Kumami Field of Rape Flowers

A Field of Rape Flowers that blooms like a carpet around Sairenji Temple behind the former Sango Line Sawadani Station.
This oil is used as an ingredient in experiential programs for dressings and moisturizing creams in this area. * In fiscal 2020, it was canceled (it may bloom naturally).

Sawadani, Misato Town

Colorful one hundred and several dozen of Rhododendrons (from mid-April to early May)

Rhododendron of Valley of Flowers

花の谷シャクナゲパークThe valley of flowers in Sawadani is a rare area where rhododendrons grow wild. In order to protect the natural habitat, the local people made "Rhododendron Park" nearby. 100 and several 10 of rhododendrons such as Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. hondoense and Western rhododendrons bloom brightly. The Rhododendron Festival will be held in late April (please check the event list on the top page).

Hananotani, Sawadani, Misato Town


* The track is drawn on the access map, but the JR Sanko Line is discontinued. Please use it as a landmark.

Myoyo-ji Temple where azaleas decorate the approach (from mid-April to mid-May)

Azalea and Wisteria trellis at Myohyo-ji Temple


Myoyo-ji Temple with beautiful weeping cherry trees is also famous for azaleas. After the cherry blossom season is over, it is the season to be wrapped in many azalea flowers. This is a colorful azalea flower that soothes the eyes of people climbing the sando. And once you have finished climbing, you can see Akagawara in Hamahara.

There is also an elegant Fujitana in front of the main hall, and you can see it with azaleas if the time is right.

460 Hamahara, Misato-cho



Peony (mid to late May)


Kamino Area

芍薬(上野) The peony that is planted as an initiative for a town of herbal medicine is from Miyoshi City, Misato-cho.
   The Kamino area near the Ryogoku tunnel uses bulbs.
   It is replanted every 5 years.





Sawadani Area

芍薬(沢谷) Sawadani County Highway 166 Route (Misato - Meshi South Line): Under Fukuma Komuten, designated  as a national historic site along the Ginzan-kaido Road.
 You can see it near "Morihara Kodo." They are white or pink flowers in cute colors.
 The color of the rice field and the color of the flower shines brightly in the blue sky on a clear day.