Stay in Misato Town after enjoying the great experience in nature!


Kiyu-tei (Japanese Style Hotel)

A Japanese style hotel that preserves the atmosphere of Shoya Yashiki (Shoya house) in the Edo era.
The view of the Gonokawa River from the elegant Japanese garden is superb.
You can enjoy sweetfish dishes as well as river and mountain foods.


There is a superb view of the Gonokawa River from the elegant Japanese garden of Koshi, which retains the atmosphere of Shoya Yashiki.

You can enjoy sweetfish dishes as well as river and mountain foods.

Basic Information

Address: 340 Kasubuchi, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun

TEL: 0855-75-1245
Holiday: Irregular holidays
Parking: Available

At the place where the Ginzan-kaido Road, which brought silver from Iwami Ginzan, meets the Chugoku No. 1 River "Gonokawa River," the Edo-era Shoya Yashiki, which was the headquarters of the end of the Edo period, remains as it was, and the magnificent view of the following Gonokawa River.

You can relax with the taste of the seasonal ingredients from the mountains and rivers.


Yugakai Onsen Nakamura Inn (Japanese Style Hotel)

A Senmaida terraced rice fields made of mineral deposits


A hot spring inn with a good atmosphere where guests come to hot spring cure from outside the prefecture. There is only one bathroom where men and women can enter alternately, but the view like a Senmaida terraced rice fields in a limestone cave created by mineral deposits not only makes you expect the high efficacy of the hot spring, but also makes you feel the long history and natural beauty. It is a brown muddy water with a lukewarm temperature, and there are many Yunohana floating. Single-day bathing with meals (from 2 people, reservation required) is also possible. Spend a relaxing time in the hot spring town surrounded by nature.

Basic Information

Address: 315-3 Yugakai, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture, 699-4633


Holiday: Irregular holidays

Access : By car

60 minutes from Hamada Expressway / Oasa Interchange (via Japan National Route 261)

Parking: Shared parking available

Contact: [Direct] Phone number 0855-75-1250


Golden Utopia Ochi Shikinomori Guest House

The "Golden Utopia Ochi" 55m water slider, which is built in the lush greenery and looks like a castle, as well as a heated pool with a pool for infants, and 4 types of spas offer a panoramic view of Misato. In addition to spas and aerobics rooms, there are indoor and outdoor tennis courts with lighting, large playground equipment, etc. It is a complex facility that can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly.



It is an independent cottage-style hotel in Golden Utopia Ochi. As its name is "Shiki no Mori," cottages are arranged in a grove of trees.

There is a twin room and a group room where you can stay up to 6 people. It is perfect for a tennis camp or a trip for a children's party.

Also, you can have a canoeing or pizza-making experience at the sister facility "Canoe-no-Sato".

Access to nearby tourist spots is also convenient. It takes 30 minutes to get to the Sea of Japan, 20 minutes to get to Iwami Ginzan, and 10 minutes to get to Mt. Sanbe. Please use it as a base for sightseeing.


Basic Information

Address: 57-1 Kasubuchi, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture, 699-4621


Business hours: March - November 9:00 - 21:00 (Final reception is 20:00), December - February 9:00 - 20:00 (final reception is 19:00)

*Use of the heated swimming pool and hot spring is from 10:00

[Japanese Restaurant Shakunage]

11:30 to 14:00 (LO 13:30)

* Dinner is by reservation only.

Holiday: Tuesday (the next day if Tuesday is a national holiday)

Parking: Available, 150 units

Phone number: 0855-75-1670

Official website: (Japanese)


 Canoe-no-sato Ochi (House trailer)

Beginners can enjoy a safe canoe experience


If you want to experience outdoor activities different from usual, I recommend Canoe-no-Sato Ochi. You can experience canoeing and kayaking in the nearby Gonokawa River. Beginners can learn it well, so beginners and children can feel at ease. Among them, a half-day tour to go down the Gonokawa River where you can fully enjoy canoe is popular. In addition, there is a caravan campsite that is equipped with a trailer house, and there is a variety of camping equipment rental so you can enjoy it easily. You can also experience making a pizza using a stone oven, or even a Canadian canoe! There is also an exhibition of canoes from around the world, and it is a facility where families and friends can enjoy.

Basic Information

Address: 54-1 Kamemura, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture, 699 - 4707


Business hours: 9:00 to 16:00

Holiday: Tuesday (Wednesday if Tuesday is a public holiday)

Parking lot: Available, 50 (free)

Contact: [Direct] Phone number 0855-75-1860

Official website: (Japanese)


Vacance House (Cottage)


There are 7 Scandinavian-style cottages with 10 rooms.
There are Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms, and you can choose your favorite.
Each room is equipped with a unit bath and kitchen.

We recommend this cottage to those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature.

This is a vacation house that is complete with a fairy-tale-like building with space, unit bath, and kitchen.

Please use it like a villa. Abundant greenery is waiting for your visit.


Basic Information

Address: 298 Nagato, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture

TEL: 0855-82-2212
FAX: 0855-82-2154
Business hours: 9:30 to 20:00 (until 19:30)
Holiday: Second Wednesday
Parking: Available

Please contact Daiwa-so for details. TEL: 0855-82-2212


Sensenka (Guest House)

Misato's new playhouse, Sensenka.
Sensenka, which creates various exchanges such as meals (lunch and dinner), darts izakaya, outdoor experience, etc.


You can also use the accommodation menu.

Overnight without meals: 3,200 yen

With breakfast: 4,000 yen

with 2 meals: 6,500

Overnight stay (day before holiday): plus 500 yen

The owner recommends fresh seafood from Sakaiminato and Hamada!

Please contact us for a menu when you make a reservation.

We also serve lunch, dinner and hors d'oeuvres other than staying overnight.

Basic Information

Address: 437 - 12 Kasubuchi, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun

TEL: 0855-74-6500

Homepage :