Yugakai Onsen Nakamura Inn

中村旅館1The Yugakai Onsen is a rustic hot spring area, it makes us feel that the time has stopped.
Nakamura Inn is a long-established inn established in 1916.




・Day trip bath with lunch (*Reservation required)

Inquiry required (must be confirmed by phone beforehand)


315-3 Yugakai, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun


0855-75-1250 (Language: Japanese)

Business hours

Stay check-in 16:00 check-out 10:00

Parking lot




湯抱温泉中村旅館 The first thing that draws attention is the mineral deposits on the floor. It is very stiff, and the deposits adhering to the bathtub and its surroundings are so wonderful that the beautiful cream-colored mineral deposits spread like a Senmaida terraced rice fields. The bath was filled with translucent water covered with a white film, and when the body slid into the bath, the mineral deposits which had been deposited at the bottom of the bath were blown up and turn into beautiful cloudy water.

Spring quality Sodium chloride and bicarbonate springs


(An example of dinner (partial))

Here's an example of dinner.

I enjoyed a hearty meal and a friendly conversation with the landlady.


There is also a plan that includes a day trip hot spring and lunch.

Day trip hot spring + lunch (tax included) 2,850 yen

(Minimum of 2 people, 2 hours from 11:00 to 13:00 is available. Inquiries and reservations required. )


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