Canoe-no-Sato Ochi Campground

There are group sites and private sites that can accommodate up to 6 families.

And there is a site along Gonokawa River Kawara.


The group sites will share 2 water and electricity.

If there is a vacant site, you can also do a day trip camping!


There is a pizza oven made of stone.

The pizza dough is also sold for 2,000 yen each!

You can also bring it in.

Delicious hot pizza that can be baked in a flash!



Tipi may also appear in winter!

You can also enjoy a bonfire and hot food inside.

Contact Canoe-no-Sato Ochi for inquiries and reservations

54-1 Kamemura, Misato-cho TEL: 0855-75-1860


Access map